Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Remote Desktop Setup for Unix

Most of the developers work on some flavor of Unix, maybe for a short time. Usually they install Unix in a virtual environment and access Unix desktop through the visualization client tools.

I am going to describe how to enable windows like remote desktop for Unix. For this we will be using/installing VNC server on Unix and TightVNC on Windows machine.

  • If not present, install vnc server on Unix machine:
 sudo yum install vnc-server
  • Install "TightVNC Viewer" on Windows machine: 

       You can choose only client installation.

  • Start  TightVNc Viewer and try to connect to Unix machine by giving the IP address and default port 5901, if you get some error like below then you need to start vncserver service on Unix:

  • Enable vncserver service on Unix: 
chkconfig vncserver on
  • Start vncserver on Unix machine:
sudo vncserver

       When prompted give a password for accessing this session.
  • Now start TightVNC Viewer on Windows machine again and it should work fine:
  • If you want to stop/delete a VNC session you can use this: 
vncserver -kill :1
        where 1 is the session number.

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