Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Implementing Custom WritableComparable

In one of my previous post I wrote about Implementing Custom Writable which can be used as values in MapReduce program. For using customized key in MapReduce we need to implement WritableComparable interface.

WritableComparable interface is just a subinterface of the Writable and java.lang.Comparable interfaces. For implementing a WritableComparable we must have compareTo method apart from readFields and write methods, as shown below:
public interface WritableComparable extends Writable, Comparable
    void readFields(DataInput in);
    void write(DataOutput out);
    int compareTo(WritableComparable o)
Comparison of types is crucial for MapReduce, where there is a sorting phase during which keys are compared with one another.

The code for IntPair class which is used in In-mapper Combiner Program to Calculate Average post is given below:

As you can see in compareTo(IntPair tp) of above class that IntPair needs to be deserialized for comparison to take place, we can implement a RawComparator which can compare two keys by just checking their serialized representation. More on RawComparator is available in Hadoop: The Definitive Guide.

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  1. How to add a RowComparator Or Writable Comparator to this Example ?
    Could you please illustrate implementation of WritableComparator implementation on a bit complex custom data type, let say, the data type has 4 fields, Intwritable, Text, MapWritable, Text ?